Anachronistic Funtimes!

For my birthday party this weekend, we threw a Party of Anachronistic Funtimes; costumes were ardently encouraged. I went quasi-victorian, because I already had the boots, the corset, the dress, the skirt, the fan, the velvet cameo necklace… all the things, really.

My hair was braided and coiled round my head; it took a crazy amount of pins and clips to keep in place. It is, however, an excellent use for my waist-length hair:

*     *     *

In other news, today is Pi Approximation Day! (For the uninitiated, July 22 = 22/7 ≈ 3.14 ≈ π.) In celebration of this mathematical occasion, I baked an apple and rhubarb Pi Pie:

It was delicious!

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The tiniest totoro

Heading to a friend’s birthday party, I decided at the last minute to make her a gift. When I say the last minute, I had about two hours in which to prepare for work, catch two buses and make something. I’d had an idea in the back of my mind that I would make her some form of Totoro-themed craft, since she is a Miyazaki fan; given the time constraint, I decided it would be the tiniest Totoro:

The pattern is from LucyRavenscar, who also explains the concept and context far more deftly than I could! The pattern was swift and simple, and I managed to get it done with time to spare. Present achieved!

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Spring is definitely unsprung

For the last Phat Quarter swap, the theme was Spring! While appropriate for the nothern-hemispherians, I stitched my piece as autumn turned bitterly into winter. It is cold. So, so cold.

Nonetheless, I mustered up my springiest spirit and stitched this:

Because to me, and just about everybody I know, spring means allergies. Hmm, perhaps this whole ‘winter’ thing isn’t so bad after all…

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Mothers’ Day goodies!

I was somewhat late in planning my Mothers’ Day gifts this year, but I eventually found some very cute, very quick amigurumi animals to fit the bill:

The elephant went to my Gran (who loves elephants), and the turtle was for my Grandma (because it was super cute). The patterns were designed by Lucy Ravenscar – and they’re free! The elephant is here, and the turtle is here. They were very swift to crochet, and required zero sewing up – I highly recommend them!

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Warp and weft

Over the last few months, I have been hitting the loom pretty hard (which loom? This loom.) My friend was getting ready for her first baby, and requested one of my woven baby blankets. I used to make them pretty regularly; there was a period of a few years where many among my acquaintance were spawning. However, I hadn’t made one in years, and there was a pretty major hitch – my loom was already occupied with another project, which had been there for many, many months (*cough*years*cough*). It was one of those unfinished projects that seemed like such a great idea when you started, but eventually got chucked into the too-hard basket.

However, with the new impetus of my friend’s biological deadline, I dug up the yarn, set up the loom in front of the TV and got to work. The process of weaving the scarf was as horrible as I remembered. For future reference, do not use a fluffy yarn for the warp, no matter how good it will look in the fringe. And if sanity escapes you, and you DO use a fluffy warp, for goodness sake, don’t use a fluffy weft as well. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

In due course, and with attendant curse-words, I completed the scarf:

It really is hellaciously fluffy, but beautifully soft and silky. I gave it to my Mum for Mother’s Day, and she was really pleased – she loves the Silky Faux Fur yarn I used. Can anyone say: two birds, one stone?

With the scarf out of the way, I warped up for the baby blanket. It occupied the entire width of my loom, which made it a challenge. The wider something is, the more effort it takes for me to weave. The fuzzy yarn did not help matters – it was pleasant in comparison to the fluff, but still harder to work with than a smooth yarn. Eventually (which is to say, several days after my friend gave birth to her daughter), the blanket was complete, and on its way to its tiny recipient, where the fuzziness will keep her safe and warm in winter.


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Awww, puppy!

I have had a pretty illness-ridden month, so while I have been crafting quite a bit, I haven’t had the focus to blog about it. This state of affairs is essentially still current, but as an interim measure, here is a puppy I crocheted last year:

The pattern was a mashup of several of Planet June’s excellent canine amigurumi designs – I was trying for a plausible facsimile of my friend’s Tibetan spaniel, Xander. The resuting crocheted puppy is considerably less fluffy than the original, but extremely cute nonetheless!

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Black Books

I stitched this Black Books quote for a friend’s birthday last year; she’s a huge Dylan Moran fan.

The simple black cross-stitch fits the text really well, and was (thankfully) incredibly quick to stitch – always a bonus with a deadline looming!


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