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Massive(ly late) Christmas gift post

So this post is late. I mean really late, Like, these are Christmas presents in here, late. I was going to stagger all of this awesome out over several posts, but my habits have been so lax lately, I figured it was best to get them all out in one go. So here it is: the Massive(ly late) Christmas gift post.

First up, my brother’s Christmas present. He is quite a prosaic lad; what he wanted was $20 to buy a Steam game. What he got was $20 and a cross-stitched Portal sign:

cake untruth

This untruthful cake was only part of a whole incredible series of Portal warning signs by the Crafty Bikyclist, and they are all available as free patterns. Highly recommended for the geek in your life.

*      *      *

For my Dad’s Christmas present, I went with a pattern I had bought some months previously. When I was hunting for patterns to make his birthday platypus, I found Planet June’s Sea Otter – way too adorable to resist!


I remembered (from childhood trips to the zoo) that Dad was fond of the cuteness of otters, so I crocheted this one, complete with clam-shell accessory. He now sits atop the TV, adorning it with his adorability.

*      *      *

The last gift in the list was somewhat nerve-wracking – I wanted to cross-stitch a Christmas present for my boyfriend’s mum, who I was meeting for the first time. (Spoiler: We traveled over to visit in January, I met her and she is rad. We high-fived over cooking, craft and trashy novels.)

I planned the design concept very carefully – I didn’t want to stitch something offensive, but nor did I want to make something staid and boring. In the end, I decided on an old-school pattern from one of my ex-library books; I picked a black bird because I knew she loved animals, and because I wanted to put a twist in the whole “Nevermore” trope. The resulting cross-stitch was somewhat more upbeat than Poe:

awesome raven

I was very relieved when the pattern fit so neatly into this frame; I checked the size before starting, but didn’t take into account the curlicues of the leaves. Thankfully, it all worked out – the stitched leaves slotting neatly into the spaces left by the brass foliage.

As a gift, it was very successful – it turns out blackbirds are one of her favourites. When we left, it was on display next to her bird cage, perhaps to encourage the budgie to similar heights of ‘Awesome!’.

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a half-baked idea

It has been a very big, very awesome weekend as far as craftiness goes, thanks largely to a bake sale called Half Baked (…Half Craft). It was organised by the people who run the space where we put on our Radical Crafternoons, and it was HUGE! So many people selling fabulous home-cooked things and beautiful hand-made things.

Radical Craft Adelaide (aka, the Crafternoon Crew) put together a stall which actually was about half craft and half baked goods. We had fabulous brownies, yummy orange syrup cakes, zesty carrot cakes and made-from-scratch jam tarts (it’s the only way to go).

We also had our marvellous cross-stitch kits (of course), as well as knitting kits and some sweet hand-stencilled patches:

We also had a rather stunning banner, which I constructed the evening prior to the event, with no small degree of panic:

It will now be gracing the walls of all Radical Crafternoons to come, just as soon as I make the “E”, “R”, “N”, “O”, “O” and “N” patches.

All in all, we sold out with grace and aplomb. (Although we didn’t actually sell out of any products, except the brownies. But that just meant we had something to eat the next day.)  I’m rather proud that we succesfully exchanged craft for cash, aided in no small part by time served in various uninspiring retail jobs.

Who even knew that would come in handy?

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Wombat tours – the golden jubilee

I am fairly exhausted; yesterday was my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, and as the eldest grandchild (and only granddaughter present), I ended up doing a lot of flan-making, cake-decorating, fetching, carrying and general waitressing. Here’s the cake I decorated, which I’m rather pleased with, considering what a pain it was to do:

And here (*drumroll*) is my anniversary gift to them: a golden amigurumi wombat.

It was made from a free pattern from Amy’s Odyssey, using two strands of glittery gold thread, a crochet hook and a lot of cursing.

I should probably take a moment to explain the wombat thing, since they appear on the cake as well as in the gift. My grandparents tend to travel around Australia, jaunting off on a relatively frequent basis, and at some point they started calling themselves Wombat Tours (for reasons which are unlikely to become clear again at this point). When they arrived safely at their destination, their children (including my mum) would be informed that “the wombat has landed”, ala the moon landing.

The wombat became their mascot, and so, to celebrate their golden wedding , I made them golden wombats. Congratulations, Grandma and Grandpa (I know you’re reading this!) on your 50th anniversary.


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