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Needlework for pirates

Having duly recovered from our Radical Crafternoon, I shall now blog as follows:

The skill levels of our Crafternoons are going WAY UP. I had very little teaching to do – people just rocked up and started stitching Radical Cross Stitch designs, or crocheting seaweed, or knitting crazy rainbow things. It was awesome. I do love showing people how to do new things, and there was a little bit of that going on, but mostly I had plenty of time to get on with other things.

Like this:

And all of these:

Clearly, I have been having a great deal of fun with our new badge machine, our scrap fabric, old pattern books and AIDA offcuts. I really am paticularly keen on the “skull-and-cross-needles” badges, adapted from this Anticraft pattern.

Also, I would like to say thanks to the guys from Format’s Hackerspace.  They were busy deconstructing the universe in the basement while we Crafternooned, but kindly took time out to help me carry brown vinyl chairs and green velvet sofas up a flight of stairs. All in a day’s work for your friendly neighborhood hackers.

*        *        *

In other news, there’s a new phat quarter swap in town! I really do love swaps, because I work so much faster with a deadline. (As opposed to the next exegetical profanity, which has been a work-in-progress since about June. It is progressing, though!) This one is movie-themed, and I’m quite excited by the design I’ve knocked up – it’s totally different from anything I’ve stitched before, and I’ll get to play with interesting variegated threads. Stay tuned, movie buffs.


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