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Exhibitionist! Part three – passive/agressive

I’ve saved my favourite pieces for the last post in this exhibition-series: a trio of antique-patterned passive-aggressive stitcheries.

The base designs come from Moderne Stickerei, a German pattern book circa 1900. Ever since I found these patterns, I’ve wanted to weave some text into their designs. I made a start last year, as part of my Bloody Shakespeare series, but this exhibition seemed like an opportunity to really play with the idea of making these designs speak.

Given that the exhibition guidelines included a PG language rating, the pieces had to have some kind of an attitude without dropping a single swear word (a challenge for me, clearly). I decided to start stitching and see if anything occurred to me; halfway through the first piece, the words ‘did you really think I wouldn’t know?‘ popped into my head. The words fit perfectly into the (slightly redesigned) border region, so I decided to run with it. After that, I knew what tone I was aiming for, and the text for the next two pieces (don’t make me say it / i wish i could) just seemed to make perfect sense.

And so I present: passive/aggressive

did you really think i wouldn't know?

don't make me say it

i wish i could

In Adelaide? Head into Irving Baby! on Twin Street, just off Rundle Mall and check out the mini-gallery during October. If any pieces of stitchery catch your fancy, they are all for sale!

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Exhibitionist! Part two – stitch/bitch

I’m super-excited to be exhibiting at Irving Baby! this month! In part one, I posted about the creepy-cute pieces; this post showcases some of the more attitudinal stitchery.

All of the pieces in this post are based on patterns I designed for Radical Craft Adelaide – I really enjoyed refining and tweaking them for this exhibition. The most challenging to stitch was We’ve got balls, which is an Adelaide in-joke. Metallic silver thread looks very pretty, but it’s tricky to work with, especially on black AIDA!

By comparison, the simple design of Viva la stitch was blissfully easy, and still produced a pretty neat result. The globe required some major reworking – it’s quite hard to judge which colours will go together on black fabric until you’ve stitched them! Eventually, I found a pair of colours that had enough contrast, and finished it off by framing it in the middle of a circular hoop.


In Adelaide? Head into Irving Baby! on Twin Street, just off Rundle Mall and check out the mini-gallery during October. If any pieces of stitchery catch your fancy, they are all for sale!

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Exhibitionist! Part one – creepy/cute

Since May this year, I have been stitching busily and quietly towards an exhibition at Irving Baby! This month, I can finally swish aside the curtain and reveal some of what has consumed my time and brain for the better part of this year!

There’s quite a few pieces, so I’ll be spacing them out over a couple of posts. If you’re local, and you want to see it all at once, just head into Irving Baby! It’s located on Twin St, just off Rundle Mall, and if any pieces of stitchery catch your fancy, you can buy them for your very own!

This first post is for the creepy/cute stitchery – the juxtaposition of traditional crafting with violence and organs. My Little Death-Ray Pony is still my favorite piece of stitching in this vein. I designed it earlier this year, in response to this comic. I loved My Little Ponies when I was five, and this one appeals very much to my grown-up self.

The threaded eyeball and the anatomical heart were both cadged from my designs for Radical Craft Adelaide. However, they were originally stitched and designed for beginners kits, which limited the colours, thread count and framing options. This exhibition was a great way to reboot the designs and add a bit of refinement – adding metallic threads, using denser fabric, and choosing different colours for the threads and the backgrounds. I’m pretty chuffed with the way they’ve turned out.

In Adelaide? Head into Irving Baby! on Twin Street, just off Rundle Mall and check out the mini-gallery during October. If any pieces of stitchery catch your fancy, they are all for sale!


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It is not hyperbolic to say that this is AWESOME!

Last week was the launch of the RiAus Adelaide Reef – a satellite of the worldwide Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. The project combines science, craft, and environmentalism, using crochet to replicate the hyperbolic geometry of corals. More than 250 crafters contributed to the Adelaide Reef, including me and my Mum.

Mum and I have been busily crocheting coral over the past few months, playing with different patterns and textures. It was a great de-stashing experience; we made coral from donated wool, random balls of yarn and even unravelled jumpers. By the closing date for submissions, we had a pretty good pile of coral on our hands:

However, once we saw the reef in person, our pile of crochet looked very tiny indeed! The coral fills an entire room; it’s climbing walls, sprawling along shelves, growing in the corners, spiralling around pillars and dripping from the ceilings. It is absolutely STUNNING:

There was so much going on, it was a serious challenge to find the pieces we’d made! I’m so pleased to have been part of this project – it really is a massive collection of collaborative AWESOME!

The exhibition is on until September 7th at The Science Exchange (55 Exchange Place, Adelaide). It’s open 10am until 5pm, Monday to Thursday, and until 8pm on Friday. Entry is free, exhibit is spectacular, and if you’re local, you should definitely check it out!


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