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Adventures from the bridge


My brain is thoroughly inoperative at the moment, but I though I’d post a quick update on our crafty adventure to Murray Bridge. On Saturday, we hung up our banner and set up in the regional arts office, which very quickly resembled an explosion in a textile factory.



The ladies of Murray Bridge who came to craft with us were very keen to yarnbomb their town. They knitted industriously all afternoon, snuck out in the dead of night and bombed the art galley across the street. The results in the light of day:



Our workshops on the Suday were not so well-attended, but that gave the Radical Craft Crew plenty of time to get onto our own projects. I ended up with a bunch of collaborative pincushions and another two sets of tiny owls:



I like the leopard print ones much more than I expected!

Next up – the Vitals Book, Zine and Crafty Affair!

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Secret, black and midnight owls

In my very first post, I featured some fairly evil owls, as designed by futuregirl. I’m pretty much addicted to making these little suckers, and I now stitch them in a variety of colours for friends and family. I even name them, usually along some theme that seems like a good idea at the time. However, until this point, I’ve completely forgotten to photograph the little suckers.

These midnight owls, however, proved to be fairly photogenic. From left to right, may I present Diana, Luna and Selene.

(Luckily, the future recipient of these owls doesn’t even know I blog, so they’re safe enough to post. )

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Owls. Oh so many owls.

So, for my proper first post, I thought I would share these lovely owls.  They are fairly evil, and there are thirteen of them on this tree. I’ve made many more, but I tend to give them away now,  since I’ve reached the useful number of owls in my house.


(click to enlarge)

The owls are made from craft felt, with details stitched on with embroidery floss. They are based on three base patterns, but each owl is unique. They are stuffed with fluff, weighted with wheat and have an 2¢ coin in the base, for balance.

The tree itself was a violently orange IKEA jewellery tree; I wrapped florist’s tape around it to make it green. 2¢ coins have been hot glued to the branches, and each owl stitched onto its own coin perch.

The original design for the owls comes from The Anticraft.

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