Marking my territory

28 Aug

When I moved house earlier this year, it took a while before it really felt like home. One of the things that aided the transition was this:

(Please ignore the weeds. We do, after all.)

This yarnbomb is on the tree outside my house; it’s more “me” than any other yarnbomb I’ve ever put up. I used leftover scraps of neutral-toned Noro, a gorgeous Japanese luxury yarn – most of the scraps were pure wool, but some were also wool/silk blend. The colours are beautiful, and the all-natural fibres are well suited to longer-term installations (which I intend this to be!) thanks to their breathability.

This yarnbomb has been through one inspection so far – the rental agent noted, upon leaving, that there was a “scarf on that tree”. We agreed that yes, there was a scarf on the tree, which could be removed easily if requested. With no such request forthcoming, this yarnbomb hereby stakes my claim. Home is where the craft is.

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