Weaving. (It’s not actually like knitting at all.)

10 Feb

Long before I learned how to knit, or to crochet, I taught myself how to weave. I basically sat down and thought out how it could work, and then I made myself dinky little looms and heddles out of cardboard boxes. (It was a means of saving my sanity during year twelve.)

However, this is a totally non-sustainable way of weaving. I soon got extremely frustrated, because I couldn’t really make anything bigger than a coin purse. Not Cool. So I was really pleased when my parents gave me my very own loom. Best Christmas present EVER.


As far as looms go, it doesn’t really do a lot – it’s a rigid heddle loom, so there’s no complicated patterns. It’s just a dead basic loom. Which is actually a very good thing, because you can do interesting stuff fast, just by choosing nifty and different yarns. Like these:

But in any case, back to the original point of the post. I make a lot of woven items, especially scarves, but practically everyone who saw them asked me “did you knit that?”. At which point I would patiently explain that, no, I had no idea how to knit, but I did weave. This mostly got me blank looks.

SO, I just thought I’d say: knitting isn’t actually like weaving, except that you start off with yarn and end up with fabric. Knitting is a complicated way of looping threads around sticks. It’s stretchy, easy to make in weird shapes, and unravels like a bitch.

On the other hand, weaving is like what you did with cardboard strips when you were a kid – over, under, over, under. It’s not stretchy at all and doesn’t really unravel at all. It’s also really, really fast when compared to knitting. (Or at least, how fast I can knit.) A scarf that could take days to knit could take hours to weave. I like this a lot.

Sadly, a weaving loom is not very portable, so I eventually did learn how to knit and crochet. But I still have a soft spot for weaving. It’s the first craft I ever actually chose to learn for myself.

.   .   .

I realise that many of you either already knew all the factual content of this, or really didn’t care. That’s OK. I mostly wrote this because I needed something to distract myself. I just stitched a whole row in my latest cross-stitch project – about a dozen letters – which turned out to be ONE ROW TOO HIGH. Perfectionist that I am, I just unpicked the entire goddamned thing. I am very, very cross indeed.

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