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Massive(ly late) Christmas gift post

So this post is late. I mean really late, Like, these are Christmas presents in here, late. I was going to stagger all of this awesome out over several posts, but my habits have been so lax lately, I figured it was best to get them all out in one go. So here it is: the Massive(ly late) Christmas gift post.

First up, my brother’s Christmas present. He is quite a prosaic lad; what he wanted was $20 to buy a Steam game. What he got was $20 and a cross-stitched Portal sign:

cake untruth

This untruthful cake was only part of a whole incredible series of Portal warning signs by the Crafty Bikyclist, and they are all available as free patterns. Highly recommended for the geek in your life.

*      *      *

For my Dad’s Christmas present, I went with a pattern I had bought some months previously. When I was hunting for patterns to make his birthday platypus, I found Planet June’s Sea Otter – way too adorable to resist!


I remembered (from childhood trips to the zoo) that Dad was fond of the cuteness of otters, so I crocheted this one, complete with clam-shell accessory. He now sits atop the TV, adorning it with his adorability.

*      *      *

The last gift in the list was somewhat nerve-wracking – I wanted to cross-stitch a Christmas present for my boyfriend’s mum, who I was meeting for the first time. (Spoiler: We traveled over to visit in January, I met her and she is rad. We high-fived over cooking, craft and trashy novels.)

I planned the design concept very carefully – I didn’t want to stitch something offensive, but nor did I want to make something staid and boring. In the end, I decided on an old-school pattern from one of my ex-library books; I picked a black bird because I knew she loved animals, and because I wanted to put a twist in the whole “Nevermore” trope. The resulting cross-stitch was somewhat more upbeat than Poe:

awesome raven

I was very relieved when the pattern fit so neatly into this frame; I checked the size before starting, but didn’t take into account the curlicues of the leaves. Thankfully, it all worked out – the stitched leaves slotting neatly into the spaces left by the brass foliage.

As a gift, it was very successful – it turns out blackbirds are one of her favourites. When we left, it was on display next to her bird cage, perhaps to encourage the budgie to similar heights of ‘Awesome!’.

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My favourite monotreme

I was stumped for what to make for my Dad’s birthday this year. Just completely puzzled about what to make. Mum gave me the brainwave, finding a platypus pattern in one of the books she’d borrowed from the library. I loved the idea, so I started to make it, but the utter lack of shaping made me sad and unwilling to continue. The platypus was still a solid concept, though, so I scoured the internet for better patterns. My search ended, as was fairly inevitable, with Planet June’s platypus pattern. The shaping was very clever, and the end result fantastic:

My dad was fairly chuffed with this crocheted monotreme, as he rather enjoys platypus-spotting when given the opportunity. (For the uninformed, platypuses are extremely rare, and extremely hard to see in wild environments, given that these brown creatures hang out, largely, in the brown mud of brown creeks.) I was pretty happy too – it’s the length of my forearm, and therefore the biggest piece of amigurumi I’ve made to date, and yet it’s still really cute!


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Pod people

Earlier this year, my parents went on a whale-watching holiday, and Dad was quite taken with the tiny (huge) baby whales that they saw. So, for Fathers’ Day this year, I made him a pod of whales, complete with pale whale babies. The pattern is from Planet June, and the results are extremely cute:


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Christmas cactus

A few months ago, I posted my Dad’s birthday present: a set of potted amigurumi cactus. He liked it so much, I stitched up a matching set for Christmas!

The pattern is by Planet June – I’m always impressed with how distinctive and simple her designs are.

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Oh No! More Lemmings!

For my Dad’s birthday last month, he requested more lemmings, claiming that the ones on his desk were getting lonely. When it comes to lemmings, more really is merrier, so I started stitching some extra walkers.

I’d say they’re pretty merry, now.


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Office plants just levelled up

For Fathers’ Day, I decided to add to both my Dad’s assortment of office plants, and my Dad’s not-inconsiderable collection of office crafts. When I saw this pattern from Planet June, I just couldn’t resist:

Dad was suitably appreciative of this collection of cacti; even more so once he realised the soil and pot were crocheted too!

*        *        *

In other news: stay tuned for a big October! I have been working on a massive pile of awesome during the last four months, and next month, all will be revealed…

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Gift #1 – Life, the universe and everything

I’ve realised what the problem is. It’s Summer. That’s the problem. Summer makes me lazy and unmotivated, what with its unreasonable stifling weather, high-stress social season, inconvenient public holidays and did I mention the freaking weather?

As a result, while I have a made a whole bunch of stuff this Summer, it’s all gifts (because gifts come with deadlines). And while I managed to get everything made, I didn’t get anything posted.

But now I’m motivated. Really. So over the next week or so I’m going to get my arse in gear, get my (occasionally shoddy) photos ready to roll and get posting.

Here goes:

This was my Dad’s Christmas present, an homage to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (of course).  Nifty antique font + the answer to life, the universe and everything + swish vintage frame = Proper Geek Giftness.

I am both crafty and devious, and I scoff at socks-and-jocks.

Mwa ha ha ha ha.

Next up: wedding-gurumi

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