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Gift #2 – Wedding-gurumi

One of my friends from school got married in December, in a lovely and heartbreakingly geeky ceremony. (No, really. This was the bridal march. I cried.)

The wedding was one of those odd “no gifts” things, because they’re now interstate and didn’t have the means to haul 20 unwanted coffee machines with them. Which is fair enough.

But I figured…well… just a little present?

So I made these:

The patterns were adapted from Creepy Cute Crochet’s Skeleton Bride and Groom; I just made them a little less skeletal.

They look (kinda-sorta) like the happy couple. The eyes and hair are the right colour, in any case, which is close enough for amigurumi. Although, sadly, he didn’t wear a top hat on the day…

Up next: not-so-secret Santa

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