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I didn’t really realise how many frames I was buying

One day, I went op-shopping for some frames to put my finished embroidery in, and I came home with a handful. However, it then became known that I was looking for second-hand frames; in my family, a quest like this quickly becomes contagious. My Mum picked up a few each time she passed by a thrift shop; my Grandma pitched in with several frames from far-flung antique stores.

And so it went, until one day I stopped and looked at what had been wrought.

And I thought: This is so awesome!

This is only a portion of the total frames; there are others that already have actual things in them, including all my Mothers’ Day presents and some other random stitchery.

Some of these are already earmarked for big things – the oval with the panda will end up with more exegetical profanity, and a number of the golden ones are destined for my bloody shakespeare series.

However, there are a couple of other frames that I want to custom-stitch for – the burgundy velvet triptych frame especially. I’m just not sure what, exactly. Anyone have any bright ideas?

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Posted by on May 23, 2010 in Craftiness, Deviousness


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