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bring on the steampunkerie

SO, further to my previous musings, I’ve been madly crafting to put together an ensemble for the Maiden Flight of the Olympia, the Adelaide Fringe’s steampunk event.

As well as acquiring costume and corsetry, I’ve been making strange accessories that might work as steampunk – it’s my first foray into the genre, so I’m kind of playing it by ear. I’ve put together a hair comb and some earrings with a selection of the many thousands of beads that lurk in our house:

They’re sort of steampunk-ish … enough to get away with my first time out, at least.

But because I’m me, I’ve also wrangled some hand embroidery into my accessories.

Some months ago, I bought a Pilgrim locket with birds and flowers engraved on the front, but I hadn’t been able to work out what to put inside. The steampunk ball seemed like the perfect impetus to finish this locket off, so I figured I could stitch up some turn-of-the-century embroidery for it.

I spent a few hours trawling around the Antique Pattern Library, but came up empty handed. All the designs were too big – the locket is only an inch and a half long – so eventually, I decided to cross-stitch something freehand. The result:

Though I didn’t plan it that way, they ended up as images of technology surrounded by nature, which has a nice steampunk sensibility to it. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Now all I need is an excuse to actually open the locket at the ball…oh well. I’ll know it’s there, at least.

Anyway, I think I’ve got it all together now:

accessories – check!

corset – check!

long skirts – check!

embroidered satchel – check!

lace shawl – check!

velvet sleeves- check!

leather gloves – check!

lace-up boots – check!

I’m actually really excited about the boots. For about a year, I’ve been looking for a pair of boots with functional laces (i.e. no zip! They lace up, why the hell do they need a zip?), and finally found a pair that weren’t doc martins or hooker boots. These look like Victorian governess boots; they’re beyond perfect. Wait, hang on – see?


Steampunk ball, here we come.


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