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Awww, puppy!

I have had a pretty illness-ridden month, so while I have been crafting quite a bit, I haven’t had the focus to blog about it. This state of affairs is essentially still current, but as an interim measure, here is a puppy I crocheted last year:

The pattern was a mashup of several of Planet June’s excellent canine amigurumi designs – I was trying for a plausible facsimile of my friend’s Tibetan spaniel, Xander. The resuting crocheted puppy is considerably less fluffy than the original, but extremely cute nonetheless!

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Soft kitty, warm kitty

My Dad has an ever-growing collection of craft in his office, which impresses (or bemuses) many of his colleagues. One of the colleagues (who was particularly admiring of the craft) is leaving, so for her going-away gift, I was commissioned to make some extremely cute crochet. She’s a cat person, so I stitched up this kitty:

The pattern was designed by jaravee, and the specs called for skinny yarn and a 1.75mm crochet hook. Instead, I used a 3.5mmm hook, worsted weight yarn, and ended up with a kitty roughly twice the listed size. It still wound up pretty cute, though!

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Giving the gift of creepy crafts

Two of the guys in my D&D campaign had birthdays recently; creepy gifts were clearly the order of the day.

One gift was made at extremely short notice – Facebook informed me that it was his birthday at about 3pm, and I had this zombie undertaker whipped up by about 4:30pm. Whatever else you say about Zombie Felties, those little critters are goddamned swift to make.

I was a little more organised for the other gift. The goal was to crochet an extremely creepy blue-grey monkey;  the recipient’s character in our D&D campiagn owns just such a monkey. It has a complex backstory and answers to the name of Patrick. After may hours of solid crochet work and some consultation with the Dungeon Master, it was decided that this is Patrick:

Patrick was made from PlanetJune’s fuzzy monkey pattern, with a lot of the cute exchanged for extreme creepiness. The limbs and tail are fully wired and poseable, and the muzzle has handcrafted metal teeth (another plot point from the D&D campaign). Patrick can now be found assulting random stuffed dolls and statuettes all over his new owner’s house.

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Beware of the fish

Over the last several months, I have been slogging away at a piece for Knitting Nancy Dives In – an exhibit for the Adelaide Fringe Festival, which has about 30 artists making an underwater world with knitting and crochet. I decided early on that my contribution to this project would be a black devil angler fish. (they’re the scary dudes with the glowy lures and the pointy teeth.)

I found a pattern in Hansi Singh’s amazing book, Amigurumi Knits, which pretty much blew me away. It was full of stuff I’d never tried before, like grafting and short rows, but I was determined to conquer it.

After a while, I had this:

And I had realised two things: (1) the shaping of the body was completely amazing, and short rows were my new religion, and (2) there would be only be three seams to sew up. THREE SEAMS. In this entire fish? Magic.

So after a little more effort and swearing, I had this:

By this stage I’d adapted the pattern a few times. In the original, the glowy lure is knitted in a creamy white wool. In my version, it was crocheted out of glow-in-the-dark jelly string, bought from a museum gift shop. Then, I designed some wire headgear for my evil fishy – partly to deal with the added weight of the lure, and partly so the teeth would be wired and poseable. (It’s the shiny copper mess in the bottom right.)

And finally, after swearing a LOT more, picking up too many stitches, almost running out of yarn, wriggling the headgear into place, sewing up the mouth and carefully blunting a fishing hook, I had this:

my gorgeously creepy, glow-in-the-dark, deep-sea denizen, the Black Devil Angler Fish.




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Return of the lemmings

Last Christmas, I made my Dad some lemmings. For his recent birthday, I made (oh no!) More Lemmings.

The first one was a miner lemming:

The second was a bomber lemming:


The basic pattern comes from Planet June, but both lemmings were modified to have articluated limbs. The miner’s pick is threaded through the body, so the arms are able to swing freely. The bomber’s arms (and head) are attatched with press-studs, so it’s both posable and decomposable.

*      *      *

Next week, I will post the other component of my Dad’s birthday present: a particularly misanthropic little piece of embroidery…


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death has many faces…

…and this one’s pretty cute. Allow me to introduce the latest iteration of this little critter, made for a friend’s birthday.

I realise that this may be a slightly odd thing to give as a birthday present, but my friends are all pretty odd in any case.

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Adventures from the bridge


My brain is thoroughly inoperative at the moment, but I though I’d post a quick update on our crafty adventure to Murray Bridge. On Saturday, we hung up our banner and set up in the regional arts office, which very quickly resembled an explosion in a textile factory.



The ladies of Murray Bridge who came to craft with us were very keen to yarnbomb their town. They knitted industriously all afternoon, snuck out in the dead of night and bombed the art galley across the street. The results in the light of day:



Our workshops on the Suday were not so well-attended, but that gave the Radical Craft Crew plenty of time to get onto our own projects. I ended up with a bunch of collaborative pincushions and another two sets of tiny owls:



I like the leopard print ones much more than I expected!

Next up – the Vitals Book, Zine and Crafty Affair!

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