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This is the giant post of boyfriend craft

Over the last year or so, I have been making various pieces of crafty awesome for my boyfriend (also awesome). But I have been exceptionally lax in blogging these creations. So, in an extremely tardy fashion, here are some of the geeky boyfriend crafts I have made over the last year:

Birthday! A quote from his favorite Terry Pratchett character, Sam Vimes, from the book Night Watch – the flowers at the bottom are lilac blossoms, which are seriously plot-relevant in the book.

Also, a cross-stitched triceratops birthday card! The triceratops is from from Makoto’s Cross-Stitch Super Collection, which has fantastic mini-designs.

Christmas! Cthulu cross-stitch from Needlenoodles, and Zombie Vampire from Zombie Felties. We had at the time been playing a lot of Arkham Horror; on reflection, that fed heavily into my crafty psyche. Plus, cutesy Lovecraftian nightmares and steampunk-style zombie vampires are just cool, y’know?

Valentines Day: a heart, of course! I stitched this ages ago, but could not pass it over as a Valentines gift: it just struck the right note between geeky and romantic.

Anniversary! A Weighted Companion Cube from Nerdigurumi (and also, well, Portal). Made after we began cohabiting, and therefore crocheted in secrecy, at odd times and in weird places. Stitched with love and weighted with glass beads, your Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you.

Aaaaaand birthday again! A hand-embroidered felt d20, of my own devising! Again stitched as a covert operation. The project began as a crocheted d20, but in the end, felt was a much more manageable medium, especially with that much embroidery and sewing-up. While it’s not entirely game-legal, it does roll surprisingly true!

 Also, I made a Jaffa marble cake with dark chocolate ganache. It was delicious!

Needless to say, we are well suited in our geeky tastes.


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Giving the gift of creepy crafts

Two of the guys in my D&D campaign had birthdays recently; creepy gifts were clearly the order of the day.

One gift was made at extremely short notice – Facebook informed me that it was his birthday at about 3pm, and I had this zombie undertaker whipped up by about 4:30pm. Whatever else you say about Zombie Felties, those little critters are goddamned swift to make.

I was a little more organised for the other gift. The goal was to crochet an extremely creepy blue-grey monkey;  the recipient’s character in our D&D campiagn owns just such a monkey. It has a complex backstory and answers to the name of Patrick. After may hours of solid crochet work and some consultation with the Dungeon Master, it was decided that this is Patrick:

Patrick was made from PlanetJune’s fuzzy monkey pattern, with a lot of the cute exchanged for extreme creepiness. The limbs and tail are fully wired and poseable, and the muzzle has handcrafted metal teeth (another plot point from the D&D campaign). Patrick can now be found assulting random stuffed dolls and statuettes all over his new owner’s house.

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Embroidered musings on the evils of vegemite

I have a confession to make. As an Australian, I am a failure and a lie. The reason? I do not understand Vegemite. It is not excellent, it is not amazing. It is a black pit of terror and doom which should never come into contact with my breakfast. To foist it on unsuspecting tourists as a cultural delicacy has always seemed to me to be the worst kind of cruelty. Vegemite tastes terrible.

Having thus outed myself to the scorn and derision of my fellow countrymen, I shall continue:

When faced with the recent Phat Quarter food-themed swap, I was totally stumped for ideas, so I asked my partner what foods she favored. In amongst the list of foods I received, she mentioned that she was particularly glad to be getting a piece from Australia. Accordingly, I decided to stitch something particularly Australian. (Or should that be UnAustralian?)

This piece was inspired by the Amanda Palmer song Vegemite (The Black Death). It’s a beautiful love song, in which the protagonist declaims that she will “refuse to touch or kiss you for a week if you insist on putting that foul death paste in your mouth”. I empathise.

Originally, I designed this piece to be cross-stitched. However, I soon realised that if this piece was done in  cross-stitch, I would be able to hear the deadline whooshing past before I even changed colours. Instead I used the pattern I’d charted to create templates for felt shapes – much more sensible for large blocks of colour!

If anyone would like to make their own anti-vegemite statement, I’ve uploaded the cross-stitch chart to my free patterns page. If you too feel that cross-stitching it would be excessive, just cut along the colour border lines to create handy templates.


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Secret, black and midnight owls

In my very first post, I featured some fairly evil owls, as designed by futuregirl. I’m pretty much addicted to making these little suckers, and I now stitch them in a variety of colours for friends and family. I even name them, usually along some theme that seems like a good idea at the time. However, until this point, I’ve completely forgotten to photograph the little suckers.

These midnight owls, however, proved to be fairly photogenic. From left to right, may I present Diana, Luna and Selene.

(Luckily, the future recipient of these owls doesn’t even know I blog, so they’re safe enough to post. )

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Ninja Turtles

As mentioned previously, I have been stitching away at a piece for the Phat Quarter comic-themed embroidery swap. My piece has *finally* reached my partner, Shaebay, in the US (thanks a lot, Australia Post…) and so I am now able to reveal:

Ninja Turtles!

Taken from this XKCD comic, it was put together with pieces of felt, backstitch, blanket stitch and cross stitch, on hardanger fabric. (Remind me not to use hardanger again, it’s a son of  a bitch to backstitch on!) It got a bit ‘meta’, being an embroidery about a comic about a cartoon, but it is my firm belief that pie charts make everything better. (See, I promised there would be pie!)

And thinking of metadata, here’s the back of the piece.

It was mounted on framing board and laced/stitched it into place. All the metadata was stitched – partly because I liked the idea of embroidering URLs and email addresses, and partly because I couldn’t find any fabric paint or textas.

I’m rather pleased with how it all turned out, and I’m now waiting eagerly for the swap piece from my partner to arrive in the mail.


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Lemmings in their natural habitat

My dad is really hard to buy gifts for. So, over the last year or so, I’ve been crafting for his birthday, father’s day and Christmas. His workplace is now populated with a wide range of geek craftiness. (Which fits quite well with the insane, thriving devil’s ivy plant which has insinuated its way through the entire floor, wrapping along desks, going over archways and concealing a battalion of tiny plastic soldiers. But I digress.)

It began with a space invaders cross-stitch, adapted from this pattern from The Anticraft.

Next off the blocks was a plush Oddish doll (Dad was going all retro with Pokemon Silver at the time), using this basic pattern from Netherwood Creations as a starting point. I adapted it by threading the leaves with gold wire, making them characterful and posable.

But the crowning pinnacle came at Christmas, when the lemmings invaded. The basic pattern for these little critters comes from the wonderful PlanetJune. Keep scrolling through – the sheer lemming power is utterly worth it :)

Each lemming is awsome in its geeky power (at least, for those of us who remember the computer games of the nineties), but my absolute favourite is the climbing lemming.

This little critter has a biiig magnet embedded in its stomach. The plan was that dad could stick it on a filing cabinet or something, but it travelled around our house for weeks. It appeared on door frames, on light fittings, underneath tables, inside the pantry, stuck on ceiling fans…it is a lemming of extreme intrepidness.

I’m pretty sure this geeky gifting trend is going to continue. Sure, Dad has lemmings now, but everyone needs More Lemmings.


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Owls. Oh so many owls.

So, for my proper first post, I thought I would share these lovely owls.  They are fairly evil, and there are thirteen of them on this tree. I’ve made many more, but I tend to give them away now,  since I’ve reached the useful number of owls in my house.


(click to enlarge)

The owls are made from craft felt, with details stitched on with embroidery floss. They are based on three base patterns, but each owl is unique. They are stuffed with fluff, weighted with wheat and have an 2¢ coin in the base, for balance.

The tree itself was a violently orange IKEA jewellery tree; I wrapped florist’s tape around it to make it green. 2¢ coins have been hot glued to the branches, and each owl stitched onto its own coin perch.

The original design for the owls comes from The Anticraft.

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