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My favourite monotreme

I was stumped for what to make for my Dad’s birthday this year. Just completely puzzled about what to make. Mum gave me the brainwave, finding a platypus pattern in one of the books she’d borrowed from the library. I loved the idea, so I started to make it, but the utter lack of shaping made me sad and unwilling to continue. The platypus was still a solid concept, though, so I scoured the internet for better patterns. My search ended, as was fairly inevitable, with Planet June’s platypus pattern. The shaping was very clever, and the end result fantastic:

My dad was fairly chuffed with this crocheted monotreme, as he rather enjoys platypus-spotting when given the opportunity. (For the uninformed, platypuses are extremely rare, and extremely hard to see in wild environments, given that these brown creatures hang out, largely, in the brown mud of brown creeks.) I was pretty happy too – it’s the length of my forearm, and therefore the biggest piece of amigurumi I’ve made to date, and yet it’s still really cute!


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