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A dinosaur addendum

Last post I mentioned the T-Rex biscuit cutter that I gave my brother for his birthday. Yesterday, I completed the gift by baking some prehistoric gingerbread:

Ta-da! Terrifyingly tasty T-Rex treats.

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Crocheting secret dinosaurs

When my brother was five, dinosaurs were his favourite thing ever. He recently turned twenty-one, so for his birthday gift, I decided to reprise of the prehistoric themes of his youth.

These cute dinosaurs were crocheted from a set of excellent designs by Planet June. I had to stitch them in secret to avoid ruining the surprise, so the process was somewhat slow and laborious. This was exacerbated by the fact that they are complex little critters – I’ve never done amigurumi with so much sewing up – but the patterns were really clear and they were so worth the effort!

The first dinosaur I attempted was the Stegosaurus:

I was expecting to have trouble attaching the spines, but they turned out to be really simple. The legs, however, were much more of a challenge – he is a little wobbly in his footing, but I managed to learn and improve for the other dinosaurs.

Next up was the Brachiosaurus, whose shaping was pleasantly simple and incredibly cute:

And lastly, the Triceratops. The neck shaping was definitely challenging – I had to unravel and re-stitch it a couple of times before I realised how it was supposed to work – but I got there in the end.

Supplementary to these crocheted dinosaurs, I also gave my brother a T-Rex biscuit cutter and an adorable plush Wee Rex from Dinosaur Comics. Why change a winning formula?

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