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Mothers’ Day goodies!

I was somewhat late in planning my Mothers’ Day gifts this year, but I eventually found some very cute, very quick amigurumi animals to fit the bill:

The elephant went to my Gran (who loves elephants), and the turtle was for my Grandma (because it was super cute). The patterns were designed by Lucy Ravenscar – and they’re free! The elephant is here, and the turtle is here. They were very swift to crochet, and required zero sewing up – I highly recommend them!

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Warp and weft

Over the last few months, I have been hitting the loom pretty hard (which loom? This loom.) My friend was getting ready for her first baby, and requested one of my woven baby blankets. I used to make them pretty regularly; there was a period of a few years where many among my acquaintance were spawning. However, I hadn’t made one in years, and there was a pretty major hitch – my loom was already occupied with another project, which had been there for many, many months (*cough*years*cough*). It was one of those unfinished projects that seemed like such a great idea when you started, but eventually got chucked into the too-hard basket.

However, with the new impetus of my friend’s biological deadline, I dug up the yarn, set up the loom in front of the TV and got to work. The process of weaving the scarf was as horrible as I remembered. For future reference, do not use a fluffy yarn for the warp, no matter how good it will look in the fringe. And if sanity escapes you, and you DO use a fluffy warp, for goodness sake, don’t use a fluffy weft as well. Seriously. I’m not kidding.

In due course, and with attendant curse-words, I completed the scarf:

It really is hellaciously fluffy, but beautifully soft and silky. I gave it to my Mum for Mother’s Day, and she was really pleased – she loves the Silky Faux Fur yarn I used. Can anyone say: two birds, one stone?

With the scarf out of the way, I warped up for the baby blanket. It occupied the entire width of my loom, which made it a challenge. The wider something is, the more effort it takes for me to weave. The fuzzy yarn did not help matters – it was pleasant in comparison to the fluff, but still harder to work with than a smooth yarn. Eventually (which is to say, several days after my friend gave birth to her daughter), the blanket was complete, and on its way to its tiny recipient, where the fuzziness will keep her safe and warm in winter.


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April was a very … odd … month; I don’t really know where it went or what I did with it. I’ve been crafting bits and pieces of lots of things, but not really finishing any of it – including crochet for Adelaide’s satellite of the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project, and some tortuously slow lace-knitting (with this very yummy yarn). As soon as I have results for this stuff, I will certainly post it.

Something I have finished, though were Mothers’ Day presents. Nothing like a deadline, right?

The frames are from a little vintage shop Fleurieu Peninsula – the matched set of three was perfect for Mothers’ Day. The blackbird on the left is for my Mum, the ducks in the middle are for my Grandma, and the fairy wren on the right is for my Gran. All the little birdies were happily received into their new homes, and Mothers’ Day has been successfully navigated for another year.

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bless you! bless you! bless you! bless you! bless you!

Finally framed: my Mum’s Mothers’ Day present.

I asked her if there was anything she would like stitched; she appeared to be considering this, and then started sneezing. Enough said.


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mmmmothers’ day…

I am replete. It’s Mothers’ Day, and I just cooked the most amazing dinner for my Mum.  Rich capsicum rigatoni with fresh parmesan, followed by chocolate mousse tarts with raspberry coulis. It was sooo delicious. (…I have no photos because it all got eaten way too fast. You’ll just have to trust me on this one…)

My Mum was also the recipient of some fairly unique and personalised stitchery. I’ll be posting pics once I frame it later this week – it was presented as her card, but will soon be reborn as a framed and wonderful item. Watch this space.

I also made some nice stitchery for my grandmothers.

Pink roses for my Gran:

And dark red roses for my Grandma:

They were stitched from 19th century patterns, and the finished stitching was less than three inches tall.  They were presented in some very pretty op-shopped frames.

Frankly, I think both grandmothers pretty much just pleased that I didn’t stitch any four-letter-words in there.

*     *     *

I’ve also got a bit of a nifty WIP going, for the Phat Quarter Zen Swap. But it’s a secret until the swap recipient gets it, which means no WIP shots, and it’s eating all my time, which means not much other crafty stuff to post … I hope the delayed gratification is worth it.

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