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Oh No! More Lemmings!

For my Dad’s birthday last month, he requested more lemmings, claiming that the ones on his desk were getting lonely. When it comes to lemmings, more really is merrier, so I started stitching some extra walkers.

I’d say they’re pretty merry, now.


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Return of the lemmings

Last Christmas, I made my Dad some lemmings. For his recent birthday, I made (oh no!) More Lemmings.

The first one was a miner lemming:

The second was a bomber lemming:


The basic pattern comes from Planet June, but both lemmings were modified to have articluated limbs. The miner’s pick is threaded through the body, so the arms are able to swing freely. The bomber’s arms (and head) are attatched with press-studs, so it’s both posable and decomposable.

*      *      *

Next week, I will post the other component of my Dad’s birthday present: a particularly misanthropic little piece of embroidery…


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A lemming of extraordinary intrepidness

The climber lemming has been on holidays. So has my dad, actually, but as evidenced by the holiday photos, the lemming was clearly the star.

Here it is climbing a mountain:

At the famous “dog on the tuckerbox”:

And at our nation’s capital:

If you want to see the full travails of this intrepid lemming, check out the flickr set. It really does make holiday snaps that much more interesting.

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Lemmings in their natural habitat

My dad is really hard to buy gifts for. So, over the last year or so, I’ve been crafting for his birthday, father’s day and Christmas. His workplace is now populated with a wide range of geek craftiness. (Which fits quite well with the insane, thriving devil’s ivy plant which has insinuated its way through the entire floor, wrapping along desks, going over archways and concealing a battalion of tiny plastic soldiers. But I digress.)

It began with a space invaders cross-stitch, adapted from this pattern from The Anticraft.

Next off the blocks was a plush Oddish doll (Dad was going all retro with Pokemon Silver at the time), using this basic pattern from Netherwood Creations as a starting point. I adapted it by threading the leaves with gold wire, making them characterful and posable.

But the crowning pinnacle came at Christmas, when the lemmings invaded. The basic pattern for these little critters comes from the wonderful PlanetJune. Keep scrolling through – the sheer lemming power is utterly worth it :)

Each lemming is awsome in its geeky power (at least, for those of us who remember the computer games of the nineties), but my absolute favourite is the climbing lemming.

This little critter has a biiig magnet embedded in its stomach. The plan was that dad could stick it on a filing cabinet or something, but it travelled around our house for weeks. It appeared on door frames, on light fittings, underneath tables, inside the pantry, stuck on ceiling fans…it is a lemming of extreme intrepidness.

I’m pretty sure this geeky gifting trend is going to continue. Sure, Dad has lemmings now, but everyone needs More Lemmings.


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