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Missives from the BatCave

A  relatively awesome development of late is that my friendly neighborhood political theatre company, ActNow Theatre for Social Change, has a shiny new office! Hooray! Of course, when I say ‘office’, I mean ‘cave under the stairs’. But it has many fabulous advantages – it’s cheap, cheery and linked to some very nice event/rehearsal spaces.

However, the most fabulous thing about this new space is that we now have a home for our next Crafternoon – it’s going to be the most awesome yet, even if I do say so myself. If you’re local and you’re crafty, you DO NOT want to miss this! It will be massive, epic and all manner of good things. There will be excellent kits, upskilling and cake.

I also stitched the flyer:

I am fairly proud of my turnaround speed on the damn thing. Designed, approved and stitched in 2 evenings. ZAP!

*        *        *

I’m also (somewhat) recently returned from Canberra, where I saw the Masterpieces From Paris. It was an amazing exhibition – it’s so different seeing something like Starry Night in person – completely worth the 90 minute wait. Not sure if it was worth dealing with Canberra as a whole (the city is NOT pedestrian-friendly!) but, well, getting to Canberra was cheaper than flying to Paris to see the Musee D’Orsay … even though that would be fabulous … sigh …

The other Canberrian highlight was the Old Bus Depot Markets, where I found this fantastic hand-dyed yarn:

It feels cloudy and soft, and I think I’m going to knit something lacy and amazing out of it. If it turns out well, I might even hit up their website for more. Now all I need to do is find a pattern worthy of its awesomeness.


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