Exhibitionist! Part three – passive/agressive

27 Oct

I’ve saved my favourite pieces for the last post in this exhibition-series: a trio of antique-patterned passive-aggressive stitcheries.

The base designs come from Moderne Stickerei, a German pattern book circa 1900. Ever since I found these patterns, I’ve wanted to weave some text into their designs. I made a start last year, as part of my Bloody Shakespeare series, but this exhibition seemed like an opportunity to really play with the idea of making these designs speak.

Given that the exhibition guidelines included a PG language rating, the pieces had to have some kind of an attitude without dropping a single swear word (a challenge for me, clearly). I decided to start stitching and see if anything occurred to me; halfway through the first piece, the words ‘did you really think I wouldn’t know?‘ popped into my head. The words fit perfectly into the (slightly redesigned) border region, so I decided to run with it. After that, I knew what tone I was aiming for, and the text for the next two pieces (don’t make me say it / i wish i could) just seemed to make perfect sense.

And so I present: passive/aggressive

did you really think i wouldn't know?

don't make me say it

i wish i could

In Adelaide? Head into Irving Baby! on Twin Street, just off Rundle Mall and check out the mini-gallery during October. If any pieces of stitchery catch your fancy, they are all for sale!

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