Exhibitionist! Part two – stitch/bitch

22 Oct

I’m super-excited to be exhibiting at Irving Baby! this month! In part one, I posted about the creepy-cute pieces; this post showcases some of the more attitudinal stitchery.

All of the pieces in this post are based on patterns I designed for Radical Craft Adelaide – I really enjoyed refining and tweaking them for this exhibition. The most challenging to stitch was We’ve got balls, which is an Adelaide in-joke. Metallic silver thread looks very pretty, but it’s tricky to work with, especially on black AIDA!

By comparison, the simple design of Viva la stitch was blissfully easy, and still produced a pretty neat result. The globe required some major reworking – it’s quite hard to judge which colours will go together on black fabric until you’ve stitched them! Eventually, I found a pair of colours that had enough contrast, and finished it off by framing it in the middle of a circular hoop.


In Adelaide? Head into Irving Baby! on Twin Street, just off Rundle Mall and check out the mini-gallery during October. If any pieces of stitchery catch your fancy, they are all for sale!

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