A mailbox full of awesome – part one

26 Jun

Blogging has been slow lately, because all the things I’ve made recently are under gift-embargoes – you’ll see them eventually, but not quite yet…

In the meantime, I thought I’d show off some of the things that other people have made for me. I’ve been participating in Phat Quarter swaps for quite a while now, and they’ve inspired me to make a whole lot of cool stuff. I’ve also received some really awesome stitchery – and not only is the embroidery fabulous, but it’s so much fun getting parcels in the mailbox :)

The swaps happen every month which has five Fridays, and the most recent one was a book-themed swap. I made a Hogwarts letter for Lisa’s Tea Time and I received this from the blue pixie:

I was so excited when this blackwork Death of Rats arrived! I’m a big fan of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, and this guy is one of my favourite characters. The blackwork shading is just amazing – I’m especially impressed because blackwork has always eluded me. I always love it when I receive something I could never have made myself!

Another recent mailbox arrival was a package containing these pieces from the Phat Quarter music swap, stitched by Frau Shizzle:

We had both pretty much resigned ourselves to their absence; three months after mailing, they still hadn’t managed to make their way from Germany to Australia. And then suddenly, about a week ago, the parcel arrived, and it was AWESOME – I’d already seen the pics, but the reality was so much better! The gramophone is beautiful, with really detailed and intricate stitchery. And The Dresden Dolls are one of my favourite bands, so the embroidered lyrics are just perfect. I’m so glad that they made it here, despite the tribulations of rain-damaged mailing addresses, bumbling postal services and examinations by Customs.

Later this week: A mailbox full of awesome – part two!


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