Express your inner geek

21 Feb

My inner geek has had a lot of chance to express herself lately – I’ve started playing Dungeons and Dragons. We basically sit around, create some imaginary characters, and then use them to violently attack other imaginary characters. With, you know, a plot. It really is huge amounts of dice-rolling fun.

Normally, this wouldn’t really be relevant for this blog. But there are extenuating circumstances…

After a few battles, we realised that there was an inordinate amount of paperwork involved in tracking the damage taken by our half-giant fighter. He’d get punched, then he’d get healed, then someone would stab him, then he’d club a dude and thereby actually gain health. It was all getting very complex.

My solution? Craft. (because craft solves everything)

So over the next week, I hacked up a chair leg, collected buttons, broke drill bits, twisted wire, and ended up with this: a custom designed hit point abacus.

The left column is for normal HP, the right column is for temporary HP, and it’s expandable to twice the character’s current health. And it works! Really, really well!

My inner geek is out, and damn, is she proud.

*      *      *

In other, Radical Craftier, news: we’re having a Crafternoon this Thursday, 24th Feb, 1pm, @Format, 15 Peel St, Adelaide. Free wool for yarnbombing, dirty cross-stitch kits, afternoon tea. If you’re local, you should be there. It’ll be rad.


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2 responses to “Express your inner geek

  1. Dallas

    June 11, 2011 at 12:16 am

    Funnily enough we’re running an RPG mini-convention at Format this September! There’ll be a few tables running a few different games throughout the day. If you’re interested, check out and let the rest of your group know! :-)

    (Oh, and if anyone is keen to DM/GM a game, that’d be awesome.)

  2. Siân Howard

    March 5, 2012 at 6:52 pm


    I’m keen to find out more about getting involved in yarn bombing around Adelaide. A mate of mine got me helping out with the recent bicycle yarn bombing adventure, and she also got involved in the dumpster biennial ths year. I’m hooked! I just found the Radical Craft facebook page and requested to join. Any advice for a newbie enthusiast? I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it to a crafternoon soon!



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