Gift #3 – not-so-Secret Santa

13 Jan

My workplace does a Kris Kringle every year. Usually, these things follow an established pattern. You draw the name, you buy the cheap gift, you chuck it in the pile and cross your fingers that you don’t get something rubbish (you will).

This year, it was different.

This year, I drew someone who is both exceptionally nice and exceptionally crafty. I just about punched the air. Instead of some bubble bath or a lame novelty toy, I could actually make her something cool. And she, as a nifty crafter herself, would appreciate the handmade gift.

So I made this:

This was one of the first patterns I ever ‘designed’ (or rather, compiled and charted from a whole different bunch of sources). I never actually stitched a nice version of it (the first one I made was stitched on dodgy selvedge), so this was a good opportunity to do it properly. The frame was op-shopped, and exactly the right size for the piece.

Since no-one else at my work does subversive cross-stitch, my secret gift-giving identity was rumbled pretty fast. But, you know, in a good way.

Stay tuned: Amigurumi gift-cards

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