Oh, the horror…

08 Dec

On the last Friday of October, there was a swap over at Phat Quarter, with very apropos horror-mashup theme. My piece has landed safely with its recipient, so I can now reveal my zombie/meme mashup:


The photo doesn’t quite do it justice; the cross-stitching is incredibly dense – it’s done with 3 strands of DMC, stitched on 18ct AIDA. The gravestone alone took a whole skein of grey. The fabric doesn’t even bend…

The text, of the other hand, is totally unstitched. I decided to try to make it look it was carved into the stone, so I had a go at creating text from negative space. I have to say, it was trickier than I thought it would be; my brain just didn’t want to invert.

The design process for this was a bit convoluted – the gravestone was simple enough, once I picked a font, but I was stumped on the zombie hand for ages. I knew how I wanted it to look, I just couldn’t get it happening. Eventually, I posed my own hand in a zombie-style claw, took a photo, and then manipulated the hell out of it until it was two-toned and charted. Ta da!

The last stuff to go on was the grass and grave-dirt; I pretty much just free-handed this lot and hoped for the best :)

If anyone’s interested in making their own bad-zombie-pun cross-stitch, I’ve posted the pattern over here.


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