Deary, deary me…

15 Aug

I realise I have neglected this blog somewhat in recent weeks. This is regretable. However, in my defense: prodution week. It’ll fuck you right up, bitches. Trust me on this.

However, in spite of my complete production-preoccupation, I have been crafting pretty heavily. I always do in production weeks; it’s partly a stress thing and partly a boredom thing.  In any case, I finished my piece for the Phat Quarter swap; now I just need to sign it and board-mount it. I will post pics here as soon as it reaches its recipient. It’s made of interesting variegated threads, a self-devised pattern and teenage movie memories. I’m pretty excited to show it off!

Next, I’m going to try and finish knitting myself a hood, made with this really yummy yarn. I kind of wanted it for winter, but the way it’s looking, it might be finished before summer. Damn complicated lace patterns.

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