30 Jul

The last few weeks have been hectic to say the least.

Last weekend, Radical Craft Adelaide had a stall at Format’s Christmas in July, where we sold brownies, cakes and lemon butter, as well as – and I quote – “a buttload of craft”:

The weekend before that, we were at the Vitalstatistix book sale, which was fabulous. I swear, the only reason I decided to be a stallholder was so that I could get at the books before the vulture-like general public arrived. I managed to snaffle the first three Harry Potter books, and a whole bunch of chocolate-themed cookbooks. We also fed the hungry populace with gingerbread and cheescake, and sold tiny evil owls.

In related excitement, Radical Craft Adelaide made its debut radio appearance, on ThreedD Radio. We had a very pleasant chat with the lovely Suzy and Jade, who have promised to bring their mix-tape of crafty songs to the next crafternoon.

*          *          *

Which brings us, rather neatly, to the “anticipation” portion of this blog. Crafternoon is tomorrow. Holy Crap. It’s going to be massive. We’re stocked up on snarky cross-stitch kits and rainbow vintage knitting needles. There’s yarn all over the place. We even have a freaking badge machine (bought with the proceeds of our previous excursions), with which we will make cross-stitch badges, you guys! Seriously, we’re going to be like a SWAT team of craftiness. If you’re in Adelaide, get prepared.

It’s on, bitches.

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