Feeling very zen

02 Jun

Here, finally, is the project that has been eating up my time for the last several weeks: my piece for the Phat Quarter Zen Swap. It has reached its final destination, just outside of Edinburgh in the UK, so I can now reveal my attempt at zen:

I mean, come on! The little book of calm! That’s got to be zen, right?

The quote is from Black Books, when Manny swallows the Little Book of Calm along with his extra-chunky soup. For the uninitiated, the quote is in the last chunk of this clip.

The stitching took me significantly longer than I was anticipating – I barely finished in time! The text only took a couple of afternoons, but the border was a different story. I clearly did not think it through properly. When I snipped from the Antique Pattern Library, it looked easy enough, but it just ate time and thread like you wouldn’t believe. I now realise why I don’t normally put borders on things, but at least it looks nice (and insane-asylummy).

(And I’m really glad this landed in the UK, where people know and appreciate Black Books. Hooray!)

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