The craftermath.

28 Apr

So, post-crafternoon, I’m exhausted and sick (evil autumn colds…) but feeling very satisfied. SO MANY PEOPLE came to the Radical Crafternoon, we packed out our space, sold heaps of kits, taught lots of people lots of things and drank a fuckload of tea.

Just look! It’s a sea of stitchery!

There was just so much going on.

I taught some people how to knit, others how to purl, still more how to do a 2×2 rib.

Many more people of my acquaintance can claim ‘fuck’ as the first word they ever stitched. For others, that word is ‘zombies’. Equally good, I think.

We had flat-out beginners, but we also had some hardcore stitchers (a couple brought their own embroidery hoops).

We had a sewing machine. Props to Alice for carrying the damn thing in ON THE BUS! That’s dedication, right there.

We even had origami dinosaurs. It was awesome.

Of course, next time is going to be even better. Next time, we will have proper teacups. No more styrofoam for these crafters! Oh no. I just bought 30 op-shop teacups for $7.50. Take that, modern throwaway consumerist culture!

*      *      *

Stay tuned for my personal crafternoon outcome. It’s finished, I just need to frame and photo the sucker. Those of a delicate nature, or those offended by four-letter words, please disregard my next post…

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