The Crafternoon Cometh

15 Apr

Saturday the 24th of April, the fourth Radical Craftenoon will be hitting the streets of Adelaide – if you’re local, BE THERE! Details are on Facebook, there will be craft and cake and cultural subversion. It’s going to be stellar.

In lieu of more actual words, I’ll now rely on the power of cross-stitch to convey the wonder of our crafternoons. All the pics below are designs exclusive to the Radical Crafternoons, and will all be available as kits on the day:

This is a reference, of course, to Adelaide’s sculptural wonder, the Mall’s Balls – previously blogged here.

*    *    *

Now with extra eyeballs! This was the result of our crafternoon contest -slogan by Claire Lontis

*    *    *

Our Valentine’s design, for that special walking corpse in your life.

*    *    *

For when you want to stick it to the man.

*    *    *

Climate change = bad. Duh. Watch the doco, buy the t-shirt, stitch the slogan.


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2 responses to “The Crafternoon Cometh

  1. myrizz

    September 10, 2013 at 12:13 am

    I like that “I heart zombies”? Sounds cute :)


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