Anachronistic creativity

03 Apr

Huzzah! After interruptions, plane travel, compliments from random nonnas, unpicking and assorted tribulations, I have finally finished my latest Bloody Shakespeare stitchery: The Mad Blood Stirring.

The quote is taken from Romeo and Juliet, about half a scene before Mercutio dies. The pattern for the poppies comes from this extremely awesome vintage pattern, and the text was stitched freehand. I quite like the slightly mad, eye-bending effect of the text; the words follow the shape of the leaves, but the leaves loop and interweave, so the image echoes the quote’s theme of insanity. (I didn’t plan for this to happen, but I was pretty chuffed when it did!)

I really got a buzz out of stitching from a pattern that was designed in 1900, especially since I worked on this piece at last month’s Steampunk Ball. (Which, by the way, was exceedingly awesome, with some fantastic costumes and a really complex, twisty plot!) It was so nifty to be stitching in character, especially with a pattern that was contemporaneous to the Victorian-era aesthetic of the ball.

If you squint really carefully, you can spot me stitching behind the guy in the brown suit.

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