28 Feb

It has been a fairly strange and hectic week (fortnight) what with actually getting shifts at work, submitting grant applications and, on the whole, acting like a proper grown-up.

It is also MAD MARCH here in the Festival State. So there’s the Fringe Festival, the Adelaide Festival of the Arts, Womad, Soundwave and I don’t even know what. (There’s also some kind of “car race” but that only registers on the periphery of my consciousness as “unexplainable road closures”). So it’s been a bit mental, seeing cabaret (violet rapscallion is mindblowing), music (amanda palmer is here in Adelaide!), and theatre (I saw VS Macbeth last night. They had paintball guns. Made of awesome). I was also in the Fringe opening parade, wearing a high-vis vest, fluro fishnets and a hot-pink wig. Gotta love the public service.


But I am also going to the Steampunk Ball, and I’m more than a little crafty-excited about it.

For the uninformed, steampunk is like sci-fi meets Victorian-era. Clockwork, brass goggles, zepplins, long skirts, corsets and top hats. The Steampunk Ball could just as easily be called a Steampunk LARP – according to their website “You will be ‘boarding’ the air/Aether ship the Olympia on its first voyage to the moon. Among the guests will be Royalty, Explorers, Spies, Mad Scientists and many other people of Interest. All the guests will be give characters, back story and motivations akin to a “how to host a murder mystery” evening – albeit with 100 people.”

The upshot of all this is I get to put together a costume and craft some steampunk accesories. I have about three different costume options from my pre-existing wardrobe (which really does tell you something fundamental about me) but I’m thinking that some extra corsetry will be called for…I’m also going to upstyle my hip-length hair and make a massive feathery hairpiece. This whole thing has really captured my imagination, and I think it’s going to be fairly brilliant.


I’m also working on some other crafty projects at the moment, but I can’t post the outcomes. It’s quite distressing. But this weekend I’ll be able to fianlly put up the TOP SECRET gift for my Granparent’s wedding anniversary, in all its glory.

Another hidden-outcome project is my piece for the current Phat Quarter Swap, which I will not be posting until my swap partner gets it in the mail. Suffice to say, it’s a comic-themed swap, and there will be pie. I’ve finished all my prep and will be stitching like a manic this week.

Last but not least, I’m also working on a pattern for my next Bloody Shakespeare project. The base is from The Antique Pattern Library, and the quote (from Romeo and Juliet) will be stitched freehand on top. I’ll post some wip shots once I’ve put thread to fabric.

And now it’s time to stop blogging and get sticthing.


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