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07 Feb

Yesterday really was fairly amazing. My high expectations did not go unmet. Lots of people came to the Crafternoon (for “lots,”  read about two dozen) – always good to see. We got knitters and beaders and crocheters and even an hourly-comic artist. Honest!

People taught other people how to do amazing things, like make pompoms and stitch finger puppets. I got to show even more people how to cross-stitch the word “fuck”, and there were also some pre-existing cross-stitch pros who helped me teach the newbies. Check us out!

So, thanks to the fact that a whole bunch of people seem to have taken a level in crafty awesomeness, I was actually able to chill, and relax, and get a whole lot of stuff done. I made good progress on my TOP SECRET project for my Grandma’s wedding anniversary, right up till the point that the yarn drove me insane (btw, the top-secretness is because I’ve taught her how to access this blog. I’m a fair bit proud. But I don’t want to rumble the surprise).

I also managed to make a start on my next Bloody Shakespeare project – it’s been designed and ready to roll for a while now, I just needed to get motivated. Here’s a sneak peek. To all the artsy-lit types out there – can you peg the play and the character?

P.S.      I also just have to give props for Cathy’s caramel meringue tart, which was delicious. Our afternoon tea at these things is always quality nice.

P.P.S.      I realise that my writing these past few posts has been a bit needlessly complex and full of double negatives. I blame this on the books I’ve been reading lately – a whole bunch by Robin McKinley. She does amazing, very epic stories, but the language does tend to drag you down into a pit of verbosity after a while. However, I would still really reccomend her books – she’s a terribly clever writer.

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